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Hair Treatment

Hair fall is a major problem that affects both men and women at some point in their lives. There are many causes of hair fall. The most common type is androgenetic alopecia, which is genetically programmed. Other causes include nutritional, hormonal, environmental, etc.

Healthy hair is just like a healthy and well-groomed body which shapes one’s confidence in several ways. But in recent times, hair loss has become a grave concern for most people and it is evident in people of all age groups. Widely prevalent factors like air pollution and stress aggravate this problem even further. Hair loss can adversely affect one’s social image too. Given the extreme social interaction that has become the norm of the day, this problem can put an individual in a rather uncomfortable and embarrassing situation.

The achievements of the periods are dependent on the determination of the team in charge of the whole process. Doing your hair transplant in India will ensure that you get the proficiency and expertise that will work out your hair issue. You may think that only a small part of the scalp is affected only to recognize that more work is needed. A good team will not only restore your hair; it will prevent further balding by ensuring that enough hair follicles are transplanted.

Types of Hair Treatment

Scalp Treatment

Individuals who experience dry and itchy scalp may request for a scalp treatment. This service delivers a lovely feeling, and it restores the oil production in the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. Scalp treatment can use for individuals with oily scalp or those with a dry, flaky scalp. Maintaining a healthy scalp is necessary to have healthy hair. Read our blog on curly hair tips.

Hair Detox Treatment

Hair Detox treatment is most suitable for those who have experienced various kinds of hairstyling and treatments. Extra product usage or exposure to chemicals will leave a buildup on the hair stick and initiate hair damage. Hair detox treatment removes the hair shaft and enhances overall hair and scalp health to promote hair growth. A hair detox will also purify the tresses and release impurities that drive it to lack the gloss and lushness.